67 Mustang Fastback

    67 Mustang Fastback

I purchased this Mustang in October of 2001, from a guy in Kindred, ND, who Owned the car since 1970. About 15 years ago he started the restoration project. He had the Motor & drive train all redone. In 1997 ND had a major flood and the car got wet. He then lost interest in the car. I seen the car at the shop where it was being worked on and asked about the car. I called the owner and asked if he wanted to sell the car. We met, made a deal, and I picked up the car the next day.

These are the before Pictures.

Engine Interior Back Seat Drivers Door Right Side Front Hood Rear

Finally got it painted and put back together around October 10th, 2003.

Engine Pictures:

engine front engine engine side view

Interior Pictures:

Drivers Side Dash Drivers Seat Pass. Seat Rear Seat Pass. Door Drivers Door

Exterior Pictures:

Left Front Right Front Rear Left Side Front Front Left Front Front

Miscellaneous Pictures: