71 Mustang Mach 1

    71 Mach 1
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I purchased this Mustang in November of 1999, from a guy in California who was advertising the car for sale on the internet. At the time I was looking for a big block 429ci car, when I came upon the ad. I first saw the ad in June of 1999, and emailed him on the info of the car. Time went by and in October, as I was going through my old emails, I came upon his email again and requested pictures of the car and a price. About the middle of November we settled on a price and the car was mine. Now how to get it to Minnesota from California. I talked to some of our Northstar Mustangs club members and they gave me a name of a truck line that hauled cars.

B-4 restoI finally got the car to my house after about three weeks. I parked it in a shop where I work, and started tearing it apart. The car had been painted about 10 years earlier and needed some help. The body was pretty much rust free, even under the carpet. The engine had been rebuilt about 5 years ago. The previous owner put in lower compression pistons, so he could use pump gas, but it really lowered the HP greatly. I replaced the Pistons and most of the internals with the right stuff for the Cobra-Jet.

stripped I chemically stripped the car down to bare metal. Found no rust surprises under the paint. I then took the car over and had the engine, trunk, and interior bead blasted. After painting under the hood, I replaced the rebuilt engine back to it's home.

Engine replaced

Finally got it painted and put back together around October 1st, 2000.

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Engine Pictures:

engine front engine engine side view

Interior Pictures:

Pass. Side Dash Pass. Seat Driver Door Driver Seat Drivers Side Dash Rear Seat

Exterior Pictures:

front Left Side Rear Left side Rear Right Side Front Left Side Front Right Side


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